Seasonal Inspiration for Your Home 

Seasonal Inspiration for Your Home

Wickes for Business has raised the bar by developing a series of seasonal hints and tips for its business clients to share with their customers. Five major clients have piloted the articles in 2016 with great success. The current version, 'Are you Spring Ready?' can be read or downloaded now on the link below. This useful and creative content is offered in a package with bespoke promotions for maximum impact and comes in the form of timely 'how to' videos, expert advice and product recommendations, wrapped up in a Seasonal Article to engage and inspire the recipient.

The outcome has been a clear increase in demand for Wickes for Business gift cards as DIY-lovers put the advice into action.

Click here to download our top tips and find out if you're 'Spring Ready'!

If you would like to inspire your customers today, email wickesforbusiness@wickes.co.uk

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