How to be successful with Christmas rewards and benefits  

How to be successful with Christmas rewards and benefits

With Christmas party venues already taking bookings, the countdown to the festive season has begun! For employers, this also means it is time to start thinking about how to reward staff and thank them, also to motivate them to maximise results up to the end of the year. The key objective is to engage employees, to make them feel that contribution to the company is valued. Here are our nine top tips on how to make the most of Christmas rewards and incentives and achieve that.

Choice is the most important element of any reward and recognition programme. What will excite and please staff will vary by age, between men and women and what stage they are at in their lives, for instance, whether or not they own and are doing up their home. Employees should be given as much choice as possible including a wide range of gift card options from fashion, food and DIY retailers to cinemas and restaurants.

Happy workforces are the most productive. A workforce who feel they are not valued will soon be less happy. Disappointment with rewards and gifts at Christmas can lead to unhappiness so making the effort and investing in rewards that are appreciated is important.

Research employers should not assume they know what choices will inspire employees. It's worth carrying out yearly staff surveys to help generate a bigger picture of what makes a team tick.

Incentives are frequently used by companies to maintain business momentum during December. When festive parties are distracting them, it's important to keep staff motivated and focussed.

Spelling out clearly how to earn incentive rewards is essential if a motivation programme is to be successful. Well-executed internal communications are vital to motivate staff as well as explain clear achievable targets and the rules.

Thank you handwritten notes or card that has been signed by the CEO with a small personal message that is relevant to the member of staff will be truly valued. A small touch will go far with many appreciating the gesture, time and effort it has taken.

Memorable try to help staff remember and appreciate the reward. Cash can far too easily be absorbed into day to day necessities and is soon forgotten – a well-chosen gift or something desirable bought with a gift card will be remembered.

Action now is the time to start!

Saving the reward for later Some organisations have found that giving a reward early in January is a good way to make the reward stand-out, to shake the post-Christmas blues and give staff a boost, a good start to the New Year. Natalie Vescia, B2B Marketing & Client Relationship Manager at Wickes for Business To find out how your staff can benefit from Wickes Gift Cards, please contact natalie.vescia@wickes.co.uk

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