Instant Load

Instant Load

All our instant load prepaid cards have been designed to be spent the moment they are loaded and can be reloaded and used for all future projects. With a Wickes prepaid card, your colleagues and customers won't have to wait 24 hours before spending it. Read on to find out how this we can help you and your business.

The cards

Social Housing

Help your tenants create a home they're proud of today.

With a stock of Wickes Decorating Cards to hand, you are only a few clicks away from having a card instantly loaded to hand over to your tenants. And, with spend limited to decorating items, you can rest assured your money is being spent appropriately and they can make an immediate start on sprucing up their home.

Reward and Recognition

An instant thanks to your best colleagues and customers with a Wickes Gift Card

You can load our instant load cards from your desk, present it to your valued colleague or customer and they can go straight into their local Wickes store and pick up everything they need for their project that same day.

Employee Benefits

Convenience that will inspire your colleagues.

With a Wickes Gift Card, your colleagues have the capability to instantly load their card and head straight to their nearest Wickes store after work to pick up everything they need for their project over the weekend. It's great if you can plan ahead, but sometimes the best ideas and home projects are spontaneous.

Repairs and Maintenance

The perfect solution when a tradesman is out on a job and urgently needs to buy supplies.

With a Wickes Repairs and Maintenance Card, you can instantly load their card from your desk. The card is ready to be used that minute* and there's no need for expenses claims, petty cash or purchase orders.

Contact us to find out more about how our instant load prepaid cards can help your business.

*Subject to programme availability.

What is Instant Load?

Instant Load

Learn more about our instantly loadable plastic cards.

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