Employee Benefits and Rewards

Employee Benefits

As the leading destination for DIY enthusiasts, we offer over 12,500 inspirational home improvement products, including over 29 kitchen and 19 bathroom ranges, as well as lighting, wallpaper, tiles, flooring and power tools.

Recipients can be sure that they will receive the best possible value with our Red Pencil Prices and Price Match Promise. What's more, our staff will be on hand to help them select the most suitable products and offer useful tips and advice for their specific project.

Our gift cards have been designed to be spent the moment they are loaded and can be reloaded and used for all future projects. If you're loading the card to present it to a valued colleague or customer, or your colleague is loading it themselves through an employee benefits scheme, our cards are ready to be spent the instant they're loaded, which means they can head straight to their local Wickes store and pick up everything they need to start their project that same day. Alternatively, we can preload the cards and deliver them safely to you or nominated recipients.

So, whether it's a job well done or a simple thank you, our gift cards are always warmly received and quickly spent.

Perfect for:

  1. Staff Motivation Programmes
  2. Reward and Recognition Schemes
  3. Customer Incentive Initiatives
  4. Employee Benefit Schemes

Our gift card service has a number of great features to make your life simple:

  • Cards can be preloaded by us or instantly loaded by you
  • The flexibility and choice to define card load frequency, time and value
  • Tailor made options to suit your programme
  • Redeemable at over 230 stores nationwide, 7 days a week, early till late
  • Great prices and offers on over 12,500 products
  • Secure next day delivery and fulfilment service
  • Creative solutions, marketing, design and copywriting
  • Attractive corporate rates based on the volume purchased

Businesses are already enjoying the benefits of partnering with Wickes on their employee benefit scheme to make a lasting impression on their colleagues and customers.

Get in touch with us for more information on how the Wickes Gift Card can help you. Whether you would like to do a one off purchase or look at ongoing orders we can offer you a solution.

What is Instant Load?

Instant Load

Learn more about our instantly loadable plastic cards.

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