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 Edenred - Best and Worst Gifts

Edenred - Best and Worst Gifts

Wickes for Business partnered with Edenred - a leading global organisation representing over 8 million employees, delivering Employee Benefits, Incentives, Reward & Recognition and Prepaid Services - to research the best and worst gifts given by the British public to unsuspecting friends and family over the years.



In the run-up to Christmas, Wickes was keen to reinforce the value of their Gift Card as not only a practical solution for DIY-lovers, but as a gift that was deemed desirable by a wider audience for such a key gifting occasion.


In a light-hearted survey, Wickes partnered with Edenred to ask Edenred Benefits and Rewards customers 5 open questions about the best and worst gifts they had received from friends and family. Participants were incentivised with the opportunity to win a £250 Wickes Gift Card for completing the short questionnaire online.


Key insights were drawn from 800 responses and transformed into a seasonal infographic which was then shared amongst Edenred's Customers. A whopping 45% of participants claimed that 'usefulness' defined a good gift, with a novelty belly button brush and a DVD about slugs amongst the most useless named. Vouchers and Gift Cards topped the list of the best gifts received, making Wickes Gift Cards the perfect solution as a much-wanted Christmas present.

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